A Day in the Life of an Equiem Community Manager

Earlier this month we spent some time with Rialto Community Manager, Andy Gott, to see what a typical day is like for an Equiem “CM”.


Equiem Community Managers (CMs) work to cultivate a vibrant and lively community through a Community Engagement Plan, customised for their building’s occupants. This involves executing a year-long calendar of exclusive events, activations, competitions, workshops and more, all designed to delight occupants and provide genuine value and usefulness to help enhance their working lives.

On this particular morning, Andy started bright and early to help retailers set up for a Mother’s Day Expo. Planned weeks in advance together with Rialto management, the Expo engaged the community, while also supporting local retailers.

It involved the following:

  • 26 deserving Rialto parents were treated to 10-minute neck and shoulder massages by the local Botanica Day Spa, who set up a pamper station in the lobby
  • These lucky parents were also given baked goodies from the kitchens of the nearby InterContinental Melbourne The Rialto
  • Seperately, a competition was run for occupants to win a $450 pamper package, which included a champagne high tea at the InterContinental Melbourne The Rialto and a 45-minute muscle melt massage at Botanica Day Spa
  • Meanwhile, Haigh’s Chocolates filled the lobby with goodies from their nearby Collins Street Store, handed out chocolate giveaways, and provided a $100 hamper as a runner-up prize

As occupants entered the building, the Mother’s Day Expo created a positive atmosphere. The lobby was buzzing with occupants receiving massages while passers-by received Haigh’s freebies. Along with the rest of the Rialto Concierge Team, Andy made every effort to encourage occupants to participate in the event.

"It felt so nice to be pampered and looked after at work. You've made my day." - Rialto Occupant

Morning Rush
‍Andy did some final checks with the retailers before the morning rush
‍‍Andy was in his element, charming occupants to participate in the expo
‍‍Rialto Concierge Mirna presented an occupant with a $100 Haigh’s hamper
‍26 lucky parents receiving from Botanica Day Spa massages
‍Chocolate giveaways and special discounts drew a crowd


After the Mother’s Day activation was complete, it was time to quickly stop by the Building Management team to check in with Rialto’s Tenant Relationship Manager, Trudi Holz, to go over the participant feedback forms and discuss the morning’s event. These meetings are important for ensuring that the Engagement Plan continues to address the needs of both tenants and building management.

As Community Manager, Andy is also responsible for regularly updating the Portal through posting content such as articles, updates and interviews with the building’s occupants as a way of providing tenants with hyperlocal news. CMs like Andy are well supported by the rest of the Equiem team.

“Part of the reason Equiem CMs like me have so much leverage when it comes to making successful activations, is that we get help from the Equiem Engagement & Partnerships team, whether it be proofreading, editing, or generating ideas,” says Andy. “This support system is one of the main reasons an Equiem-sourced Concierge Team is a huge asset for building owners. Sourcing prizes for activations and Portal competitions, for example, is split about fifty-fifty between myself and the rest of the team. I’m also in regular contact with CMs from other buildings, which is another support network that’s only getting bigger. This interconnectedness and support allows CMs like myself to provide an experience for tenants that’s difficult to accomplish from the traditional Concierge model.”

‍Going through tenant feedback data from the morning’s event with Trudi
Mother’s Day Expo
‍After meeting with Trudi, Andy began drafting a recap post for the @Rialto Portal about the morning’s Mother’s Day Expo


Once the lunchtime rush was over, Andy stopped by some of the local restaurants and cafes whose products are in high demand on the @Rialto Portal Store. Maintaining close relationships with the surrounding retailers is crucial in ensuring the Store offers the best possible catalogue of products and services that serve the needs of Rialto’s occupants. Andy does his circuit around to the precinct’s retailers several times a week to look out for deals and promotion opportunities he can pass onto Rialto’s community.

Green Press
‍‍Andy made a quick stop by Green Press (which resulted in a complimentary drink - for the win!)
‍Andy finally had some quiet time in the afternoon, touching base with the team at Feast

As we were walking between retailers I took the opportunity to ask Andy a few questions about what it’s like being Rialto's Community Manager:

Q: What do you tell people when they ask you what you do?

“My answer is constantly evolving, but at the moment it’s something like - I help bring life to typically lifeless commercial spaces. In most office spaces, for example, people usually come to work begrudgingly and then leave. The aim of Equiem is to make people want to stay.”

Q: What’s the best part about being a CM?

“Probably the variety of work the role involves. I know that might sound like a cop-out but it’s true. The role requires constant multitasking which I know is not for everyone, but I’ve never been bored in this job.

Q: What do think is the best reason for building owners to partner with Equiem?

“Firstly, the Community Manager’s focus is on creating and maintaining close relationships with tenants, whereas traditional Concierge typically comes from high turnaround environments such as hotel lobbies – lots of meeting and greeting – but rarely connecting with people on a deeper level. Secondly, the Community Manager has the writing skills, training and support to keep the Portal updated with relevant and interesting content to help achieve a more interconnected building community. "Tenants, companies and Building Management have frequently expressed how now they can’t imagine doing business without us."

Find out more about Equiem’s staffing solutions here.

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