Chit chat with our Senior Platform Performance Manager, Natalie Clark

Welcome to Equiem, Natalie! We’re thrilled to have you, how are you? How has your first few days at Equiem been? 

I’m very well, thank you for asking!

I have had a wonderful introduction to the Equiem vibe and culture over the past number of days, including some valued time down in the Melbourne office. I’m very excited and motivated to be on board with such a wonderful and friendly team!

Tell us a little bit about yourself - what was your journey prior to joining us? How did you come across Equiem? 

My journey in property started some 6 years ago when I joined CBRE to work within the Sydney CBD portfolio. From there I had the opportunity throughout my time with them to work in various roles such as National Facilities Coordinator, Facility Manager and Client Services Manager of Australia Square.

Looking for a new challenge, I furthered my knowledge and experience within Property Management and soon took on a role with DEXUS Property Group as an Assistant Property Manager.

Thanks to good old networking, I met Joe Stokes who I had previously worked with on a project to roll out an OH&S online system across our National portfolio. He was kind enough to offer me this wonderful opportunity to which I have now joined the Equi-family.

Our Melbourne and Sydney teams work together to execute the best engagement campaigns for our clients

Congratulations on your new role, tell us - what is a day in the life of a Senior Platform Performance Manager? What are your goals and objectives?

From what I have learnt so far, I believe there is a responsibility to coach, mentor and support our site teams. Be the person to help guide them and help bring their ideas to life.

Although, my main focus in this role is to be on the front line and manage our clients, ensuring our values, brand and technology are being delivered to the highest of quality.

But, our main objective as a team is of course, our customers. We want to create an experience for them within their building, custom made to suite their environment, whilst establishing a community vibe in order to improve their work/life balance.

What are key issues property managers are facing today? How does our technology and staff help to address them?

Tenant Retention. How can the asset lower the risk of tenants leaving prior to their lease expiry?

I believe that Equiem has created a very important tool that will drive this. Obtaining tenant information through surveys, interviews, competitions and asking the important question - what does the customer really want? If we know this, apply a strategy, we create an environment that becomes very difficult for them to want to leave. A friendly, welcoming smile as you enter the building to start your day, fitness classes reducing your staff stress levels, even coffee delivered right to your door. Today, people are becoming more and more time poor, Equiem provides a tool and/or personal resource that can put time back into your day.

Looking towards the future, what are you most looking to accomplishing rest of the year and beyond?

Settle into my new role and hope to provide some insight to those who may be curious of the property world.

My short term and continuous goal would be to work on and accomplish great relationships with my clients. Find out the clients and customers needs.

Getting to know my new Equi-family of course!

Let’s finish up with five rapid fire questions:

  • Favourite thing to do outside of work? Play footy/catch up with friends

  • Favourite TV series? Orange is the new black/Game of Thrones

  • Favourite app on your phone? Spotify

  • Favourite song? Too many to pick from! But, I do love anything from Usher and Bruno Mars.

  • You’re stranded on a deserted island (without a Portal) and can only take three items with you, what do you take? My husband and my 2x dogs!

Thanks Natalie!

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