A coffee and chat with Elisabeth Negus

Hi Elisabeth, Welcome to Equiem! How are you settling in?  

Really well thank you. Everyone goes out of their way to help me out and it’s meant I’ve settled in really quickly. I’ll admit though, I’m still getting used to Google docs!

You have a large pool of experience in the retail, marketing, brand and advertising space. Can you tell us a bit about your career so far prior to joining Equiem?

I started in the Retail and Commercial Division at Thames Water in the UK before taking the plunge into agency land where I worked on accounts including Mars, Nando’s and Glaxosmithkline. I moved to Australia where I continued to work at a number of Sydney agencies before moving to The GPT Group as National Engagement Manager and then Marketing and Promotions Manager. Most recently, I was involved in the re-launch of Casuarina Square and the repositioning of 1 Farrer Place and Australia Square.  

Let’s talk about your new role. As Head of Retail & Partnerships what will be your responsibilities and day to day activities be?

I’ve been tasked with expanding the Equiem offering within the Retail sector both in Australia and overseas. I am responsible for both store performance and retailer engagement across our Portal portfolio, which is about 70 buildings and increasing every week. I also oversee all of our Partnerships to ensure we are connecting with the right products and brands for our clients.

Elisabeth works closely with Shivani Thomas, Equiem's Head of Content and Engagement

The retail industry is going through constant transformation. In your opinion, what are the key issues and trends property/centre managers face in today’s competitive environment?

I think it's a very exciting time to be in property as the whole concept of space and how we use it is constantly changing. I believe there has been a shift over the last few years as traditional retailers adopt a more customer-centric focus rather than compete with e-commerce sites purely on price. I also think that while Shopping Centres were slow to embrace technology, now that they have, they are reaping the rewards.

And retailers themselves?

With so many more options for consumers, retailers have had to step up and meet the needs of their customers by offering an omni channel approach. This has worked really well, as shoppers can now browse online, go in-store or even purchase through a third party website. Essentially, it comes down to meeting the needs and different buying behaviours of potential customers to ensure shoppers become buyers.

Emporium Melbourne and the newly redeveloped Eastland have both incorporated the Equiem Platform. What do you think the Equiem Portal and Onsite staff bring to the table for owners, managers and retailers?

We help build communities within the retail workforce and connect people across different companies so they can share knowledge and ideas, both personally and professionally. The Portal Store provides a practical service - being able to deliver to people who aren’t able to get away from their store or desk, whilst cross promoting food and beverage offerings within the Centre. Retail and Marketing Managers absolutely love it, as it is an efficient, mass communication tool which (thankfully) means printed memos are a thing of the past.

Thanks Liz! Let’s finish up with some rapid fire questions:

  1. Melbourne or Sydney? Sydney.
  2. Dogs, cats, both, or neither? Dogs. I’ve never had a dog myself so am happy to support the “office dog” campaign.
  3. What’s one app you can’t live without? ANZ - Go Money (it’s just so convenient!)
  4. Most played song on your phone? Probably a song by Pink or Adele.
  5. Favorite activity outside of work? Playing sports - netball and touch football.
  6. Dream holiday destination? Cocos (Keeling) Islands.
  7. Favourite quote? Just do it! (sports nut)

Thanks Liz!

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