The Great Winter Escape Getaway


July - you leave home when it's dark and get home in the dark. Midwinter is bleak. As if reading our minds, Equiem Engage partnered with some enviable faraway destinations - the ethereal Alila Villas in Uluwatu Bali, The Byron at Byron Bay and The Sebel, Noosa - to offer one tenant per premium building the chance to escape the cold weather and extended daytime darkness!

Our biggest #portalperks competition to date, the Great Winter Escape not only sought to delight tenants with incredible rewards but also gave building owners the opportunity to understand their customers better, care about their problems and consult with them on how their experience could be enhanced. This is one of the great advantages of having an Equiem Portal- as the platform allows owners to communicate with all occupants in their building - which was previously very difficult to do.


And so at the beginning of July, the Great Winter Escape Competition took flight across our communities! In order to win the trip of a lifetime, tenants were asked to answer the following question, ‘What would make your workplace a dream destination?’

With more than 1,000 total entries across the country, the judging panel had an incredibly difficult task deciding who would take home the major prizes. There were plenty of insightful answers, from rooftop bars and puppy cuddle stations to more ‘Pokestops’. Many people also wrote that their buildings were already their dream destination, since they made and spent all their money there! After shortlists were made, it was left up to Building Management to select a winner.

Engagement Report

The judging panel were impressed with the creativity, effort and uniqueness of each entry, however there could only be be winner per building…



The chance to win a dream winter escape electrified Rialto! To be in the running for a 5-day Bali getaway, “Rialtonians” were asked to answer the aforementioned question on the @Rialto Portal but also to upload a photo of their favourite holiday memory on Instagram and tag it with #TakeMeToBaliRialto. After two weeks, 164 entries were received, resulting in a colourful expose into the travel recollections of Rialto tenants.


Stephanie N from IDP Legal took home the prize with her spectacular image of Ipanema Beach, the orange sun setting behind Sugarloaf Mountain and her artistic and visionary submission:


"Dreamtime at the Rialto. Rialto is already renowned for the best views of Melbourne, iconic dining and an aspirational office location. Imagine if there was a space for revolving exhibitions showcasing emerging local and indigenous artists. This would also make Rialto the destination for culture and arts in Melbourne."

Here’s a snap of CM Andy and Head of Concierge Phoebe surprising Stephanie in her office, presenting her with the trip of a lifetime and adorning her with a lei, cocktail umbrella and office-appropriate mocktail to celebrate her win!

‍Her face says it all!

Holiday goodness was not just spread in Rialto, as our Onsite teams across the country surprised tenants at work with holiday giveaways!



Collins Shana

Shana M, from Meydan Group in Melbourne, was elated to take home the NSW weekend getaway after submitting her vision for a diverse and inclusive workplace:

"An espresso martini delivered on a Friday afternoon would be HEAVEN!! Though to really crack through the working week and escape from the office grind would be a community space for relaxing on lounges with a good book, gym activities, sauna and/or swimming pool even. An office building that aspires to be a fun place for all employees with different interests."




Anna G from Aurizon, Australia’s largest rail freight operator, was overwhelmed to receive her Great Winter Escape prize after suggesting ways to utilise and maximise space within her Brisbane building:

"175 Eagle St could become the leading Brisbane office space by offering complimentary lunch time yoga classes, quarterly networking drinks for the building tenants and a chill out lunch zone, with funky, relaxed furniture. Also by redesigning the arrangement of chairs and adding some tables to the foyer, this could increase utilisation and attract more people to hold informal business meetings in this space."



Darling Park

From AdobeYvonne P's vision for an eco-friendly, zero-waste policy at Sydney’s Darling Park stuck a chord with us to hasten our efforts to achieve 100% sustainable business practices to preserve the wonders of our planet:

"I would love to see a complete environmental sustainability approach across all of Darling Park: no more plastic packaging for takeaway food, no more bottled water, no more takeaway cups etc., but rather a culture that encourages bring your own containers and cups and more sustainable alternatives. That would make it my dream destination. :)"




Winning Entry: Rafe B from 570 Bourke

“A large slide from the mezzanine down to ground floor, plus a ball pit. This will enable occupants to find their inner child. It's the small things in life that make you happy.”

Winning Entry: Cherie P from 80 Collins

“In my dream, there are beautiful green walls, tranquil fish tanks and mood lighting. The new Avalanches album is playing softly in the background. I can go and spend time in this smoke-free paradise without having to leave the building. I can help myself to free tea and coffee stations while I access free wifi, and maybe hold a meeting with a colleague away from the usual office environment. I have a choice of sitting on comfy modern acoustic lounges, in bean bags or at tables. There's a different interesting pop-up stall every week. All of this beautiful space is available strictly to staff at 80 Collins Street. Oh, and cute puppy cuddling pods.”

Winning Entry: Claire D from MLC Centre

"There are some incredible buskers out there. Bring them inside, throw in a pop-up-bar, and they've got themselves a gig."

And we can’t forget to mention…

Benjamin K from TurksLegal's submission placed second in the Rialto competition. It was his way with words that really swept us off our feet:

"To the tune of Hotel California:

On a dark Melbourne Street, cool wind in my hair

Warm smell of coffee, rising up through the air

Up ahead in the distance, I saw shimmering towers of light

My eyes lit up

This place just felt right

The concierge team stood by the doorway

I heard the lifts bell

And I was thinking to myself

"This is surely Heaven, my old building was Hell"

Then she lit up the foyer and she showed me the way

There were light installations down the corridor

I thought I heard them say

Welcome to the Rialto Towers

Such a lovely place (Such a lovely place), Such a lovely (work)place

We have gyms and chill out spaces at the Rialto Towers

Any time of year (Any time of year), You can find it all here

The towers are a shimmering blue, they got everything

Lots of pretty stores and pretty people it calls friends

How they dance in the courtyard, of the Merchant restaurant

Can’t wait to dance on the new rooftop, an experience not to forget"



Stephanie N’s proposal of rotating local and Indigenous artwork will be implemented into Rialto’s foyer and vacant spaces after the completion of the Regeneration Project, to further enhance the artistic and inclusive nature of the building. And who knows, there may even be the addition of a Rooftop bar or two. Stay tuned!

Other submissions were wildly creative and influential. Building Management is actively working towards making as many of the great suggestions put forward a reality, including environmental sustainability, zero-plastic policies, more networking opportunities, entertainment and workplace events!

Congratulations to all our entrants for sharing their photos, thoughts and suggestions. We have many more enviable and awe-inspiring competitions and prizes up our sleeves for the remainder of 2016!

Some of the other images we loved during the competition:

‍Cappadocia, Turkey
Havana, Cuba
Peak hour
‍Peak hour - Lake Hawea, N.Z

Find out more about about Equiem Onsite's recent Engagement Campaigns in our 2016 Engagement Report.

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