New Impression Reports help you measure engagement to build a vibrant Portal community

The Equiem Portal is a powerful tool for helping you engage with customers. In addition to writing articles and organising campaigns, measuring exactly how much engagement you are generating is critical in shaping your content strategy. Up until today you could track results via our analytics dashboards and custom reports. Today, we're excited to announce a new way to measure engagement - Impression Reports for news and events posts, which allows you to see exactly how much your community is engaging with your content.

So, what’s an impression?

I’m glad you asked! An impression is a record that somebody has viewed a piece of content somewhere in the Portal.

That sounds a lot like Google Analytics.

Yes, but there is a key difference. Google Analytics can report on visitor sessions, and total pageviews, but Google cannot report on the context in which your content was seen.

Each post on the Portal can appear in many different contexts - not only as a full post on its own page, but also as a teaser on the listing page or featured item on the homepage. In our new Impressions Reporting we can show you the number times your content was viewed as a featured item. You can see if it reached a wide audience when it appeared in the activity feed on the home page. You’ll even be able to observe the data showing a spike in direct traffic whenever the post gets featured in a Portal email like Digest or Notify.

Impression Report
Our new Impressions Reporting feature

All of this means you can now see how promoting content in different ways via Portal leads to more people reading it - helping familiarise you with the Portal and its users so you can better engage them.

That’s awesome!

It is awesome. It might really change how you see your content. Don’t worry though, your existing Google Analytics reports are not going anywhere. You can continue to automatically push analytics data to your Google account from the Portal. If you’re not doing this already, you should definitely contact our support to set it up.

So can I also see how many likes I’m getting over time?

Impressions Reporting represents only the first of many planned inline reports. We are working hard to place key information at your fingertips, making sure you can swiftly act on your findings. This is just a taste of things to come! At the moment it’s just news and events posts, and just impressions - but will soon include various measures of engagement success - likes, RSVPs, shares… everything!

OK, so what if I want to see whether or not the impression stats change when I feature my articles every second Tuesday of the month?

We made a conscious decision to limit viewing data from the last two weeks, as that’s what we found to be the most relevant time-frame for our users. This type of reporting is excellent and really important, but at the moment this feature isn’t quite the right tool for it. Maybe one of our in-house data analysts can help you - please get in touch with our support team!

Building a beautiful, usable and useful reporting interface is a balancing act between flexibility and complexity - and we know that complexity is the enemy of usability. Ultimately, all our testing and experiences showed us that an inline report needed to show key information quickly and simply.

With that in mind we limited our interface to new, key information. We tested with real users and simplified everything that caused confusion.

I love it - but sometimes I just want to log on and read the news!

We know that these changes are going to make pages look different, so we have added a button to instantly hide all the “extra stuff” when you don’t need it, or when you want to get a sense of how your readers see your content. This allows you to have the best of both worlds - you can engage, or be engaged, it’s up to you!

How to access Impression Reports

So what additional training will I need to use this tool?

None! We often encounter analytics tools that are as configurable as they are complicated - “power dashboards” that tend to alienate time-poor and less technically-minded users. We are passionate about making a Portal that works for everyone.

All our new inline reports are designed to be as simple as possible, to be used by anyone. Because knowledge is power - so let’s power up!

You can find out more information about the Tenant Portal technology here.

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