Welcome Meg Crawford! Equiem's newest Content Manager

Welcome to Equiem Meg! We’re stoked to be working with you, how have you settled in?

Thank you! I’m stoked to be here! You’ve all made me feel super welcome and the Portal blows me away. Things have come a long, long way since my first boss sent me down the street to buy him cigars.

You’ve had an impressive and interesting journey so far! Tell us a little about your background prior to joining Equiem. 

I’m a recovering lawyer! I was an industrial relations/employment lawyer for 15 years before becoming a journo. My niche area of practice was workplace health and safety/serious incident response – I was the person who was called out to site to “fix it” when an employee had an accident. Sometimes, I felt like Mr Wolf in Pulp Fiction

What made you leave the world of law to enter the world of writing and editing? What do you enjoy the most about it? 

Oh my god, who wouldn’t want to write about fun stuff rather than be a lawyer? To cut a super long story short I had the big “C” twice – after the first time I had it, I swore that if I ever got it again, I’d quit being a lawyer and do something that brought joy to my heart every day. So, when I was diagnosed again in 2013 I ditched the law and became a writer. Within a year I was the Lifestyle Ed. at Time Out Melbourne, looking after music, shopping, around town and kids. 


You’ve joined Equiem as Content Manager, who do you work closely with and what are you working on right now?

At the moment, I’m working closely with Jessica (Head of Content) and Shivani (Head of Engagement). To start with, I’m powering through template documents for the Community Managers to use. It’s early days for me yet, but I’m super excited!   

We stand by the importance of hyperlocal content here at Equiem. Tell us what hyperlocal means and in your eyes why it’s so critical for fostering an active community. 

I’m lucky. I live in Richmond with my partner in crime (Andy) and our neighbours are a Greek couple in their ’80s called George and Georgina. Georgina makes us biscuits and George brings us fresh lemons and tomatoes from their backyard. One time, Andy jumped the fence to put out a fire in their backyard and they fed us spanakopita when they came home by way of thanks. They also made Andy drink home made grappa – I declined politely. After I had the big “C” they hugged and kissed me a lot and I didn’t mind one bit. That sense of connection and community doesn’t happen much in the big smoke.

To me, hyperlocal means sharing information and experiences with our neighbours (in the Rialto, that’s the building tenants and people with whom we interact in the surrounds every day) and creating a sense of community mirroring what we have in our kooky neck of the woods in Richmond. It makes for a much more interesting world.  

Let’s end with some rapid fire questions:

  • Favourite book? Just Kids by Patti Smith.
  • Favourite band/musician? Way too hard to pick one. I’ll give you my top five: the Fireballs, the ReChords, the Beasts of Bourbon, Nick Cave, Kid Congo Powers and the Pink Monkey Birds.
  • Favourite activity outside work? Hula hooping, learning the ukulele, circus school, reading, going to see live music, seeing circus and side-show, shopping for “stuff” from the ’40s and ’50s, getting tattooed, looking at tattoos and fanging around the neighbourhood on my bike.  
  • Dogs, cats or both? Love ’em both, but we don’t have a backyard. We have two dear little cats – Ted and Lily. I used to hate people who treated their pets like kids – I now kiss my cats good night and tell them I love them before leaving the house. How did that happen? I’d also like a bunny, chickens, a piglet and a goat (all for cuddling purposes, not eating).
  • If you could have coffee with someone from history who would it be? Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg (I can’t explain it), Nick Cave and Patti Smith.

Thanks Meg!

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